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Launching a new market or staying on top of your regulatory obligations can be a resource-draining process and failure could cost you the market access or your licence. Let our experts help you succeeding in regulated markets

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Sergio Suárez García

Sergio Suárez García

VP Compliance Services
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Diligence in Gaming specialises in maintaining compliance both prior to and after application, all while ensuring the sustainability of your business.

Our expertise lies in assisting you with obtaining licenses in any regulated market and providing ongoing support to ensure your business remains compliant.

Policy Draft & Review

We will support you in preparing all policies and procedures required in the jurisdiction you want to enter or review the policies you have prepared to ensure they comply with the requirements

GAP Analysis

We will conduct a regulatory review of your existing operations in jurisdictions you are live to identify what else is required in the new jurisdiction you are looking to enter

Policy Implementation

We will support you rolling out all policies and procedures to ensure the business is compliant with all applicable requirements

Regulatory Reporting

We will support you producing and submitting regulatory reporting to the regulator

Internal Audit Function

We will review all your operational procedures, review data to ensure all policies are complied with

Staff Training

We will support training your internal staff and transfer knowledge so you can support your operations

Connecting you with trusted local partners

Navigating the selection of responsible gambling, ID verification, and payments partners can be challenging and complex. However, we simplify this process by assisting you in finding and connecting with the most suitable local experts you need through our extensive partner network.

Our network comprises partners located throughout the European Union (EU) and North America, ensuring a broad geographical coverage to meet your specific requirements.

We assist you in creating a successful and compliant business

Before Going Live

We will prepare and support you preparing for the market entry in the new jurisdiction, from supporting the drafting of policies and procedures for the licence application to supporting the implementation of operational roll out as well as training of your staff

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After Going Live

We will conduct periodical reviews of your operations to ensure all internal policies and procedures are complied with. We will support your internal team submitting regulatory reporting to the regulator to ensure compliance

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Mila Gilbert Regulatory Assurance Manager
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Ralitsa Eide Regulatory Compliance Manager

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